July progress

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This last month I’ve mainly concentrated on the operational side of Kyle of Sutherland. When it next appears in public it must work smoothly, as well as be complete.

The layout can now be operated in two independent halves, and this allowed me to thoroughly test my three controllers together with my five locos. As a result, “Pictroller 193” now has a new Forwards/Backwards switch and, in combination with “Pictroller 192” and my original Pentroller, everything seems to work fine.

I still feel the operation of the Router is not sufficiently intuitive, so towards the end of the month I designed a new Router. Instead of a rotary switch for “Up” and another one for “Down” trains, the new version has a rotary switch to designate the active controller, and another switch for “Up/Down”. This involves adding further switches to the Fulgurex-operated loop point. Unless someone comes out with a reasonably priced 5P 6W rotary switch, I feel I’ve reached the limit on traditional wiring. And I’m not yet minded to move into the world of relays.

I also feel I should wire signal servo operation through point switches to emulate the interlocking on the prototype. It would be no bad thing to only pull off a signal if the point were set correctly.

And, by the by, I found that the problems with 57587’s tender were caused by not enough side play on the leading axle. Ho, hum!


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3 Responses to “July progress”

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The switching sounds better ….. I thought one of the controller switches was up the creek….. it was bit hit and miss al through Exeter.


Hi Stuart! Glad to hear of positive progress towards smooth operation in movement of trains on KoS. But your description of selector switches and the like still sounds a bit like ‘old technology’ to me. Maybe you’ve reached the limit of DC control and something less involved is called for? Personally, I would go for DCC and eliminate a lot of this convoluted business with ‘sections’ and ‘up’ and ‘down’ switching. Instead, you should be (as a ‘train driver’) focussing more on where you’re going and observing the signals. I would advocate a system that simply allows you to run your trains, not your track! For your next layout outing, when you say ‘complete’, do you mean scenically? Either way, I look forward to seeing KoS soon – it’s gonna be a great layout!

Yes, Phil, I agree it is “old technology”, but I’ve enjoyed trying to get the hang of it before possibly moving on to “new technology”. It’s a bit like making a kit or scratch building rather than just having RTR – it’s something I enjoy doing. As for DCC, it still needs (benefits from?) electrical sections in order to fault find, I have heard!! As for being a train driver – I remember driving a 5-coach train from Minehead to Blue Anchor (amazing) and it wasn’t a bit like operating KoS. And, yes, I hope to show KoS next with scenery, though I guess a layout is never complete.

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